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The Fiber
from Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber

Using Lanaset dyes, we have created a rainbow of exciting spinning fibers. Most of our batts, each weighing one ounce, are 75% wool and 25% mohair. Some may include other fibers as well and some may be 100% wool as noted.

We've done our best to make our colors appear on the screen as they do in real life but each monitor is adjusted individually and there may be variations.

The color names for samples on the left-hand side from top to bottom are:

Dark Cherry
Light Cherry
Red Violet
Light Navy
Pale Navy
Dark Green
Sea Green
Blue Violet

Yellow Green
Hot Pink
Gray Green
Sky Blue
Wood Rose
Light Gray
Sun Orange
Classic Green

fiber samples 1

fiber samples 2

The color names for samples on the right-hand side from top to bottom are:

Dark Turquoise
Light Brown
Granny Smith
Light Green
Bright Blue
Light Teal
Medium Teal
Dark Teal
Pale Yellow
Bright Violet

Black Raspberry (blend)*
Blackberry (blend)*
Harlequin (blend)*
Jain's Choice (blend)*
Freckled Denim**
Turquoise Medley (blend)*
Water Lilies (blend)*
Purple Lupines (blend)*
Winterberry (blend)*
Sunset (blend)*

*Colors marked with an asterisk indicate that the fibers are not thoroughly blended colors, providing a more lively, colorful yarn. The individual colors making up these blends are well carded prior to being added to the blend.

**Colors marked with a double asterisk include wool, mohair and silk.

***Colors marked with a triple asterisk are 100% wool.

Tips for Using Our Color Blends

We have two methods for creating our color blends. Some blends are created by stacking a number of different colored batts on top of one another and then tearing off strips from the stack. When spinning these fiber strips, it helps to attenuate or draw out the fiber. Other times, we feed the fiber into the drum carder in 1/8 to 1/4 oz amounts, feeding first one color followed by another, and another and so on. Strips are torn off the one ounce batts and then the strips are attenuated. Drawing out the fiber not only makes it easier to spin, it makes it possible to control how blended (or not) the colors will be when spun.

The photos below give an idea as to what might be expected from some of our blends.

ribbing in sunset and Jain's choice

The photo above shows two ribbings – “Sunset” on the left and “Jain's Choice” on the right. The photo on the right shows a yarn spun from “Water Lilies.”

hank of water lilies yarn

To Order Batts

Sheep Hollow batts come in over 50 colors and color blends. The price for solid color batts is $1.65 per ounce,  $26 per pound. Blended color batts and painted rovings are $1.88 per ounce, $30 per pound. Shipping charges for batts are based on weight. Insurance is $1.75 for up to $50 and $2.25 for up to $100, delivery confirmaiton is $.80. Please write or email regarding color availablity and shipping charges. Orders must be prepaid and in U.S. funds. Send checks or money orders, made payable to Julie Owens, to the address below. Credit card or cash payments may be made through PayPal <http://www.paypal.com>. We try to ship orders within twenty-four hours of receipt of payment or notification by PayPal, unless it is a weekend or holiday, when our local post office is closed.

Make checks or money orders payable to:.

Julie Owens

Mail to:.

Julie Owens
Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber
24551 S. Metzler Park Road
Estacada, OR 97023

email inquiries: jkowens2001 at gmail dot com
please include "dyed batts" in the subject line

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