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Fiber Exchange Notebooks
from Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber

These notebooks are the result of participation in several Internet fiber exchanges. The material presented in them has been collected by many individuals. Exchange participants chose a breed and were asked to furnish grease wool samples typical of the breed, from purebred animals. In addition to the wool, information about the breed was also provided, including a photo and a list of reference materials used.

Each volume contains fact sheets and wool samples for a variety of breeds – 28 in volume one, 23 in volume two, 18 in volume three, and 19 in volume four (see listing of breeds below). For most of the breeds there is at least one color photograph and both a greasy lock and a washed lock fiber sample.

The wool samples are mounted on separate sheets and put in plastic sheet protectors to prevent any oils or salts in the locks from staining or otherwise altering the inks used in printing. The sheets are easily removed in order to compare the locks while reading about the individual breeds.

Two pages from volume one are pictured on the right.

notebook page 1 

notebok page 2 

Breeds Included

Volume 1: Border Leicester, CVM, Charollais, Columbia, Coopworth, Corriedale, Cotswold, Dorset Horn, East Friesian Dairy Sheep, Finnsheep, Icelandic, Jacob, Karakul, Lincoln, Merino, Montadale, Navajo-Churro, Norsk Pelssau, North Country Cheviot, Polwarth, Rambouillet, Romney, Shetland, Shropshire, Targhee, Wensleydale

Volume 2: Black Welsh Mountain, Bluefaced Leicester, Bond, Canadian Arcott, California Red, Clun Forest, Cormo, Gotland, Gromark, Hampshire, Leicester Longwool, Outaouais Arcott, Oxford, Polypay, Rideau Arcott, Romedale, Ryeland, Rygja, Southdown, Spaelsau, Suffolk, Teeswater Masham, Tunis

Volume 3: Balwen Welsh Mountain, Dala, Devon Closewool, Dorper, Drysdale, Est A Laine Merino, Gute, Hebridean, Herdwick, Hog Island, Ile de France, Llanwenog, Manx Loghtan, Norfork Horn, Old Norwegian, Perendale, Torddu, Whitefaced Woodland

Volume 4: Beulah Speckled-face, Braunes Bergschaff, British Friesland, Castlemilk Moorit, Coburger Fuschsschaf, Derbyshire Gritstone, Kerry Hill, Lleyn, North of England Mule, North Ronaldsay, Portland, Racka, Romanov, Steinschaf, Swaledale, Texel, Tukidale, Ushant, Zwartbles

To Order Notebooks

The notebooks are available at $91 per four volume set or $30 for volume I, $25 for volume II, $20 for volume III and $21 for volume IV. Insurance is $1.75 for up to $50 and $2.25 for up to $100, delivery confirmation is $.80. These ship either USPS priority or parcel post. A full set of the four volumes ships flat-rate priority at $10.35, so the total cost for a full set is: $91 + $10.35 + $2.25 + $.80, totaling $104.40. For international orders, please email for rates. All orders must be prepaid and in U.S. funds. Send checks or money orders, made payable to Julie Owens, to the address below. Credit card or cash payments may be made through PayPal <http://www.paypal.com>. We try to ship orders within twenty-four hours of receipt of payment or notification by PayPal, unless it is a weekend or holiday, when our local post office is closed.

Make checks or money orders payable to:.

Julie Owens

Mail to:.

Julie Owens
Sheep Hollow Farm and Fiber
24551 S. Metzler Park Road
Estacada, OR 97023

email inquiries to: jkowens2001 at gmail dot com
please include "Breeds of Sheep Notebooks" in the subject line

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